When your family is impacted by addiction, find the care and community you need with Thrive! Family Recovery Resources. We lead with compassion and are here to provide comprehensive resources, effective education, and lift you up through meaningful connections. With Thrive! experience new hope and healing.


About Thrive!

If there’s one word to describe Thrive! Founder Pam Lanhart, it’s ‘determined’. She too has experienced the emotional rollercoaster of loving a family member with substance use disorder. Unable to find trustworthy treatment centers and evidence-based resources, Pam turned her own pain into purpose and began Thrive! Family Recovery Resources in 2016. 

Thrive! recognizes that families are critical components to recovery. Our team provides support and proven strategies to empower you to make real change to move your loved one (and your family) toward wellness. Our organization is based in Minnesota, but we help families across the country.

The Lanhart's Story

“You need to come and get your son. He came to school with a backpack full of pills.”  

That was the moment that began the journey with substance use disorder for the Lanhart family. Pam and Paul’s son Jake was just 12 years old.

As his battle continued into his teens, the Lanharts looked for ethical, evidence-based resources to help their family. Instead, they encountered treatment centers with predatory practices and ‘tough love’ ideology. Pam and Paul felt lost, not knowing how to interact with their son and unable to find the right resources from the medical community.

Pam knew the answer was an organization that would assist families in navigating trusted and proven resources. Families needed education and support that aligned with their values and didn’t propagate the stigma that addiction is a sin or moral failure. Pam saw a huge gap for empathetic, compassionate, and collaborative care, so she filled it with Thrive!

As the Lanhart family changed their ‘way of being’ with Jake, they were able to repair and restore their relationship. Jake settled in the mountains of Colorado where he experienced many years of recovery that included memorable moments with his family. Tragically, he lost his battle to addiction in October 2021 after relapse. The Lanharts often wonder if they were better equipped and had more support during those early years if that might have changed the outcome. Still, they are grateful for the incredible years they had together because of the entire family’srecovery.  

Our Vision for Thrive

Our team at Thrive! takes steps every day to equip families so that no family has to experience the loss of a loved one due to an overdose. As part of Jake’s legacy, it’s also imperative that every person suffering from substance use disorder is treated humanely with unconditional positive regard. Thrive! continues to expand and extend our reach helping families work together to create recovery-oriented systems of care.