When your family is impacted by addiction, find the care and community you need with Thrive! Family Recovery Resources. We lead with compassion and are here to provide comprehensive resources, effective education, and lift you up through meaningful connections. With Thrive! experience new hope and healing.


It’s important to know you CAN make a difference. Part of our approach is helping loved ones understand there are multiple pathways to recovery. At Thrive! we choose kindness, compassion, and connection over confrontation, detachment, and tough love. It’s our job to empower you with effective tools and actionable solutions that encourage healthy behaviors and constructive change.
We bring in components of evidence-based methods, including Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), The Invitation to Change (ITC)approach, and Motivational Interviewing (MI) to create safe spaces for the entire family system. Research shows that people enter treatment between 64-74% of the time after a family engages in a CRAFT intervention.

Thrive! is a welcoming place for all families, regardless of religious beliefs. You can also find two Christianfaith-based programs, including a group curriculum and bi-annual women’s retreat.


The words below serve as our compass. They are the foundational beliefs that direct everything we do.

We believe that every person, including those using substances has intrinsic value and should be treated with kindness, compassion and unconditional positive regard.

We believe that families are one of the most critical components to recovery and when educated and supported can create the conditions most beneficial for an individual to recover.

We believe that substance use is a spectrum and that families have a right to receive the necessary supports beginning with the prevention of first use to the remission of the disease.

We believe in reducing harm in families and communities by meeting people where they are at and supporting whatever pathway to recovery a person chooses.

We believe that families should have a right to barrier free access to evidence based education, support and ethical resources

We believe that a compassionate, collaborative, family-centered approach to substance use has been proven most effective in helping an affected individual move through the process of change.

We believe that there are actionable solutions for families, that we can empower families towards holistic recovery and that collaboration, resiliency and self-efficacy play key roles in healing. We can build confident and competent families of recovery.

We believe that decisions made for and about families impacted by substance use should be made by the individuals and families most affected. “Nothing about us, without us.”

We believe that the recovery community is most effective when it’s supported by allies and family members who understand the process of holistic recovery.

We believe in transparency, high ethical standards, cultural competency, and inclusion in an effort to serve our community in a trustworthy manner.